Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Update on Carlinda Purcell and Education in Montgomery

Yesterday brought news that the Board of Education and Dr. Purcell plan to meet with a negotiator tomorrow. I hope they work out a settlement. Of course, both sides will have to give to get. Do it and move on.

I got on my soapbox and wrote a letter to the Montgomery Advertiser. They used it today.

Here's what I had to say:
My son attends a Montgomery public school (Booker T. Washington) with an outstanding principal and many fine teachers. I worry that this same excellence isn’t extended to schools systemwide.

Superintendent Purcell came into a challenging situation to say the least when she was hired.

Hardly any time went by before we had factions of supporters and detractors, and Dr. Purcell herself became the focus instead of what is in the best interests of all of the children of our city. Whether this is race, personality or performance will be sorted out in the coming days. Right now the issue needs to come to a quick resolution and reconciliation needs to begin.

Shame on the three city council members with their childish “I’m going to take my ball and go home” attitude and threats regarding helping the schools with funding. That’s not helping our children, is it?

I urge current Board of Education members to put the animosity behind them, see the big picture and move forward.


Anonymous said...

Had the BOE taken the time to research the candidates for superintendent the students, teachers, parents, and citizens of Montgomery, Alabama would not have been dealing with this problem. The superintendent did the same thing in Warren County, N.C.

It has come to my attention that a search does NOT have to be made to find a superintendent for any county. That is not law or policy. It is at the discretion of the BOE.

My hope is that the BOE will thoroughly investigate and research the next candidate(s). My wish is that one would be appointed from the area who does not have to take a year trying to learn the system, community , culture and climate of this thoroughly intriging and multiplex city.

Montgomery is a virtual walk in the history of this great country and should not be subjected to the ordeal it recently encountered. Healing is needed and new history needs to be made through that healing.

The writings of future historians should be of the nature that great things can come from tragedy, healing can come from hurt, and diversity can create unity.

Sheila said...

This very in-bred city probably functions best with a person who is a known quantity. Unfortunately, that leaves a void when it comes to innovation or change. I agree that the BOE failed. I do hope that there is a healing, but I not sure it that is really wanted.