Wednesday, August 16, 2006

“Pushy Broad” Adds Gender Issue to Lawsuit

Now don’t jump on me about the “pushy broad” description. Those were the words Dr. Carlinda Purcell’s own attorney used to describe her in the Montgomery Advertiser . Well, sort of. “We feel she is a very talented lady who is highly accomplished,” he said. “These guys (Borden and Miller) think she is a pushy broad and that ladies should not act that way. We think this is gender discrimination — that is the real reason why they are trying to get rid of her.”

Last night the Montgomery City Council wisely decided not to rescind the promised funding for the schools. At least not for now.

Nothing has really happened to cool down the tensions over this issue. The tongues are wagging across town from Kiwanis meetings to social gatherings. It’s not any hotter than name-calling. I’ve seen printed signs labeling the two African-American board of education members who support terminating Dr. Purcell’s contract “Traitors.” One of those BOE members, Tommie Miller, lost his bid for reelection after being dubbed “Uncle Tommie” in ads and flyers circulated around town. The city council member who threatened to pull funding has been called “Knucklehead.” But he’s probably used to that since his name is Nuckles.

This issue has legs. More later on “Was it Race, Personality, Performance or Gender?” This truly fits in the Kitchen Sink.

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