Monday, August 21, 2006

What Happens When You Google Your Name?

Do you ever Google your name to see what comes up? I don’t have a very common name (it’s my married name), but even so, there’re other Sheila Noblitts out there. In January of 2002 folks in North Carolina were looking for Sheila Joan Noblitt. Somebody in North Carolina, has she been found? I hope she’s okay. Is she related to the textile training manager Sheila Noblitt also from North Carolina? A Sheila Noblitt wrote a letter to evangelist Chuck Millhoff in Kansas. She appreciated his work. That wasn’t me.

I thought I’d finally climbed to the top of the Google heap thanks to my blabbering obsession with the movie, Talladega Nights: the Ballad of Ricky Bobby. I posted a comment on and Google thought that was worthy of a bunch of hits. Then, got the Alabama Kitchen Sink some notice. BTWMHS PTSA showed another reference since husband and I edit the school’s newsletter.

But, today Sheila Joan Noblitt is back on top. Fame is so fleeting!


Sheila said...

This is the first time that I have ever googled my name and imagine how shocked I was when the first thing I saw was is she related to the textile training manager Sheila Noblitt....and that is me. Sheila Noblitt is my married name also and I have been promoted beyond the training manager, but that was pretty cool.

Sheila said...

Fun to hear from another Sheila Noblitt. I have also heard from the relatives of Sheila Joan Noblitt and they'd certainly like to hear from her. Glad to hear also that you have gotten a promotion. We Sheilas are pretty smart after all.