Monday, August 14, 2006

Some Strange and Not so Strange Things About Me

I love pie, boiled green peanuts and almost any vegetable.
I love the South but hate the unspoken undercurrent of racism that still exists.
I hurt when my loved ones hurt.
I think the Republicans have it wrong.
I wish the Democratic Party would listen to me and not Howard Dean.
I’m a Yellow Dog Democrat and have never knowingly voted for a Republican.
I hope Hillary Clinton and John Kerry don’t run for president. Ever.
I like John Edwards, Wes Clark and Barack Obama.
I was in a high school beauty contest. I once judged a high school beauty contest.
I don’t wear make-up much or buy jewelry, and I’ve never had a massage or manicure.
I had my hair dyed once and hated it when it turned out too dark.
I have had a run in with the Big C.
I’m always looking over my shoulder.
I wanted to be a writer as a teenager.
I wrote an essay about rural electric cooperatives while in high school, won a trip to Washington, D. C. for the contest and met an Alabama senator who nodded off at breakfast.
I attended the wedding of a man who would become an Alabama governor.
I’ve seen Michael Jordan play basketball.
I had a crush on Joe Namath.
I’ve seen Alabama and Notre Dame play in the Sugar Bowl.
My favorite country other than the USA is Italy.
My mother was my hero.
My grandpa taught me how to ride a bike and to love peanuts.
I once thought I could fly and I don’t mean in a plane.
I am not crazy, but I am a Unitarian.
I believe in hope, faith, grand ideas, doing your best and the greater good.
I love animals, especially black and white ones like dairy cows and English Springer Spaniels.
I like Willie Nelson and Chet Baker, and I once sat within 10 feet of Itzhak Perlman at a concert.
People are work.
I have lived in seven states and the District of Columbia.
I consider myself creative.
I’m too long-winded.
I can’t remember stories or jokes.
I’m flexible and have a kind heart and wish others did too.
I collect rabbits. They multiply.

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