Friday, August 11, 2006

Friday Round Up

Talk of the Town
It’s High Noon today for Montgomery’s beleaguered Superintendent of Education Carlinda Purcell and the Board of Education. (Montgomery Advertiser) After nearly four hours of negotiating yesterday, the parties couldn’t reach an agreement and there’s a 1:30 meeting set to discuss her future. I’m planning to attend. See what happens here tomorrow where I’ll post on Carlinda Purcell: Is It Race, Personality or Performance?

Quick Restaurant Review
The new Blue Moon Café has wonderful Southern vegetables, meats, and desserts served cafeteria style. Nice and bright décor. Out the door crowds after 12—go before 11:30. Off Taylor Road in east Montgomery.

Valuable Lesson Learned This Week
Ask questions. For over a year I noticed a $10 charge on our bank statement each month for Reservations Rewards. I thought Bill had signed up for something, and finally asked him what it was. Well, he didn’t know. I called the 800 number and got one of those recordings blah-blah-blah this and that. So, I went to their web site instead and emailed them that I didn’t know how or why we came to be charged this but to please stop it. I called the bank and was told I’d have to come in to stop the charge. Before I could do that, however, I received an answer from Reservations Rewards (RR). Someone had signed up with last year and there was a notice about RR next to it and that it was authorized. You know who (not me) did this and then cancelled the classmates thing but this little added “perk” slipped under our radar. They are going to refund the $160 or so they say. No hassle. This is amazing.

Geography 101 and Where in the World is Mauritius?
The Republic of Mauritius is an island in the southwest Indian Ocean about 560 miles east of Madagascar, and someone from there visited the Alabama Kitchen Sink. (more on Mauritius)
It’s been a while since I took geography, and I confess that I had to look up Mauritius. English speaking. Nice tourist destination. If the person who stopped by ever visits again, would you leave a comment? I am curious as to how this person came across my blog, and I’d love to learn more about Mauritius.

Meanwhile, leave a comment if you have a moment no matter where you call home. I love to hear what you have to say even if you disagree with me.

Funny Site of the Week
The City of Chicago wants to control the Big Box. Here's what the guys at JibJab have to say about the Big Box. (Big Box Mart)

Sad, but True
With sweltering heat, the kids of Montgomery start back to school on Monday. Some in the surrounding areas started this week. Why the systems do this, I don't know. Just remember guys, you will get out for the summer in the middle of May. This school year marks a milestone for me. Scott is a senior. He buys his own supplies and I get to miss out on that mad rush to Office Depot or Wal-Mart. All of you with younger kids, embrace the moment. They grow up too fast.


Marion said...

Kids here in Canada don't start school until the first week of September...poor kids having to swelter in the August heat!

interesting blog...I will stop by again.

Sheila said...

Thanks Marion and send us some cooler Canadian air down this way.