Thursday, August 17, 2006

Shawn Green, Elephants and Cleaning the Clutter

Time to clean up the office starting with my keyboard pull-out. Why is there a bottle of NailSlicks Built-in Topcoat? An even bigger question is what is a Shawn Green Topps baseball card with 2001’s record doing here? I look him up. Oh my goodness, he was born in Des Plaines, Illinois. My older son Jeff used to work there. Shawn was with the Dodgers when the card was made. He’s with the Arizona Diamondbacks now and it looks like he wants to be traded to the Mets. His 2006 salary is $10,213,898. I’ll have to ask my sons about how good this is. It’s all relative, but that seems pretty darned good to me.

There’s a sketch I made of the Eiffel Tower and one of an elephant. “Elephants are the new penguins,” according to a special baby issue of Parents Magazine. Hmm. Maybe there’s something to that. I have sold two of my “I Love Elephants” t-shirts in the last couple of days at

Husband’s Italian pocket dictionary has found its way here as have pens, nail clippers (aha, that’s why the polish was here), CDs, and scraps of Post-it notes with my user names, brilliant ideas, links and the design for a postcard.

I'll start here and before long it'll look better.

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