Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Dogs. In my opinion, how you feel about dogs and cats is sort of like how you feel about Alabama and Auburn. When you're born or move to the state, you are either Alabama or Auburn. You really can’t be for both. Doesn’t work that way.

Same thing with dogs and cats. You are either a dog or a cat person. Now, I grew up with both. Out in the country, we were always getting unwanted and discarded animals. Usually, just when the mama was ready to deliver pups or kittens. One time a huntin' dog had 15 puppies, and I have repressed from my memory what my daddy did with them all. I imagine he didn't take them to the humane shelter. I had cats too, but they were never as much fun to me since I could only dress them up and they'd never agree to be placed on my trike, and they were forever leaping out of the baby buggy. So, I grew up loving dogs better and consider myself a dog person.

I'm currently a dog person without a dog, though. Our English Springer Spaniel that we had for over 13 years died in February. I was the one who had her put down, and it took me at least two months before I could even go get her ashes at the vet’s. They finally called me and said, "Sam’s ashes are here."

And now I’m finally around to the news we got from Jeff and Natalie. They have a new home away from downtown Chicago and there’s room for a dog. They had thought about a rescue dog but found an ad in the Chicago Tribune for Springers. Last Sunday, they went out and picked out Sienna. So now in about three weeks when she’s ready to leave her doggie family, I’ll have a granddog. She really is too cute.


Dana said...

About where do they live? I am in the southern burbs of Chicago. What a small world.

Sheila said...

They just moved to Aurora from downtown Chicago.

Dana said...

My brother-in-law and his family live in Aurora. Small world.